Are Cheap Pocket Bikes Worth Buying?


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Taylor Edgar answered
The word 'cheap' is a relative and subjective term. One person's cheap is another's loose change. But it would be wrong to instantly conclude that cheap pocket bikes are in some way inferior.

The cheaper end of the market is populated with plenty of durable, hard-working pocket bikes. Indeed, you may be left to wonder if pocket bikes with far heftier price tags are worth the extra outlay. More expensive pocket bikes utilise exotic alloys and compounds for components but it does not always follow that these costly materials last longer than the cheaper alternatives.

At the end of the day, the suspicion remains that what the extra cost is paying for is not necessarily better quality engineering. Rather that the fancy price tag is to pay for expensive styling, the brand name and logo.

If a £100 Chinese pocket bike conjures images of a pocket bike that's noisy, smelly, slow and owes more to tractor technology that GP Moto racing, it may well pay you to take a second look at cheap pocket bikes.

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