Do You Need A License To Drive A Pocket Bike In Your Neighborhood?


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Absolutely not! This is what's nice about pocket bikes. No permit is required to ride the pocket bikes, for the main reason that they have to be ridden on closed circuits only.   ONLY MOTORS OF 50 CC'S OR MORE REQUIRE A LICENSE DEAR...♥NASSY
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No you don't because I drive mine everyday to get to my friends house so no you don't need a licence for a pocket bike so yeah umm I have a 90cc goes 45 mph and I have a 125cc
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No you do not need a license to drive a pocket bike because there is no possibility for a 10-15 year old to be allowed to gt a license
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You don't need license for any kind of pocket bike
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No, I don't think you do. They're not intended for roads so you should be pretty right. Pocket bikes are intended as family things to be ridden on specially made tracks and stuff. We don't need lisences for them in Australia so I don't think youse guys do either.
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If you are driving them on private property then no, but if you are driving them on any public property or roads then yes you have to have a license to drive it.
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Ahem!!! My mistake..Actually the question I posed was more for dirt bikes, quads, snowmobiles. I got the answer from the Alberta government, and near as I can tell this is the law.
(TSA-OHVR) & (TSA): Children under 14 years cannot operate an ATV on a highway.
Children under 14 years cannot operate an ATV on public property unless they are supervised by an adult who is 18 years of age or older and who occupies the passenger seat of the ATV or is following in close proximity to the ATV.

"Now to enforce that law on MY property, people who use this mode of transportation continue to OPEN our gates and NEVER close them. Our cattle and horses get out. From here on in, we'll be reporting every ATV with/without a plate on their machine to the police. I am tired of irresponsible idiots on these toys. I don't care if it's a tricycle.

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