What Are The Steps On Replacing Heater Core On A 1968 Chevrolet C-10 Pickup?


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To make things easier on yourself:
1. Remove the glove box.
2. Remove the passenger side hood hinge. Use an alternate method to hold the hood up safely. (Allows the unit to be remove with ease)
3. Remove bottom heater core hose, Be sure to have a pale handy if you have not already drained the system of antifreeze.
Remove screws/ bolts on the outer edge of the heater unit on the engine side of the firewall.
There may be a stud used mainly as leverage under the heater unit towards the passenger fender (tight squeeze between the firewall and inner fender)
Check behind the removed glove box for screws/ bolts, remove those as well. Slide heater unit from (engine side) fire wall.
There should be a rubber gasket sealing the unit to the firewall inspect this gasket and seize this opportunity to replace it if necessary.
That should be all.
If needed a gasket kit can be purchased at a classic truck parts shop.
Use a little double sided tape or contact cement to hold the gasket to the unit when placing the heater unit back into place. You want to be sure the gasket is correctly in place, Unit will work more efficiently. If necessary you should use new bolts when replace the unit.
Job should be quicker with a 2nd person. This job recently took 2.5 hrs to complete, all the best.
Hope this helps.
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There will be a cable hidden behind a rectanglar plastic cover in the cab on the interior heater unit remove the plastic cap use a screw driver to remove the race nut lift the cable off. Not only will there be a gasket for the blower motor to the firewall but also a rubber compound which outline the whole heater unit to seal it to the firewall. A kit will include the main gasket and the rubber compound. Remember to mark the Hood Hinge placement on the fender for easy realignment .

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