Can I Use 215/65 R16 Tires Instead Of 225/60 R16 Tires For My Impala LS?


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There should not be any problem putting theses tires on your Impala LS. The tire you want to use is 1 inch higher but the rim will be the same size.

The size of the tire is always written on the sidewall of the tire. The section width, the aspect ratio and the diameter are the three measurements that are included in every tire size.

The tire that you want to put on is the 215/65 R16. The section width is therefore 215 mm or 8.86 inches. The section width will be measured from the outer sidewall's widest point, the side that has the brand name and tire sizes that will face out from your car, to the inner sidewall's widest point when the tire is fixed on a specific width wheel.

The following number is 65. This will be the aspect ratio. There is a slash that separates this aspect ratio from the tire's section width. The number 65 means that the tire's profile will be 50 per cent of the tire's section width. The profile is the sidewall height that is measured from tread to wheel.

Any tire size includes a letter after the tire's section height. This will not be a measurement but a classification of the tire's internal construction. The 'R' will indicate radial construction. This is when the body plies of the tire 'radiates' outward from the centre of the wheel.

The last number '16' will indicate the wheel and tire diameter that must be used together - therefore 16 inches. The inch rim size is used on nearly all passenger vehicles. Some tires that are used on a heavy duty truck or trailer will use the 'half inch' size such as 14.5. The tire sizes will follow the diameter of the rim with a speed rating, a code that indicates load capacity, and the service description.
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The tire you want to put on is just an inch higher but the rim is the same size so there shouldn't be any problem putting them on.
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If, as the prior answer says, the tire you want to put on is an inch higher than the stock size, check the clearance between your rear tires and your struts. The clearance between my stock size tires on my '04 Impala base model and the underside of the top of the struts is so tight, I could not even put cable chains on my rear tires (I did not plan to put chains on rear tires, just looking to see if possible.)

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