How To Replace Tie Rod Ends On 98 Dodge Stratus?


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This is a little tricky. You need to measure from front tire center to other front tire center. Measure the front of the tire and the rear of the tire to make sure they are even. Write down these measurements.Then remove cotter pin and nut, You will need to borrow a tie rod tool from Autozone, to remove the tie rod from the wheel housing. Next, you will need to measure how far tie rod is screwed into steering knuckle, write the measurement down, you will have to loosen the bolt on the threaded end and unthread tie rod from the steering knuckle. Put new tie rod in the same measurement as old one, Do not tighten retainer bolt at this time. Connect other end of tie rod to wheel hub and torque to specs. Now you will want to check measurements of front of tires and rear of tires to make sur they are the same. If they are, you can tighten keeper bolt. The job is done. If you find any tire wear you may need an alignment. Hope this helps

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