How To Replace Water Pump On A Commodore Vt V8?


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Before you start make sure the engine is cold and the car is on level ground with the parking brake set. Follow these steps and you should be fine.

• Release the hood and disconnect the battery's negative terminal.

• Jack up the car to access its underside.

• Remove all covers beneath engine to access the radiator drain valve. Place a coolant drain pan under radiator to catch any coolant. Release the drain valve or lower radiator hose to free coolant.

• Remove the covers to access the main pulley to water pump bolts. Undo the bolts, but don't fully remove them. Then take off the main drive belt.

• Move any items obstructing the water pump mounting bolts. Use a crowbar to prise up the snout of the pump; this breaks the seal on the gasket allowing the pump to be disconnected.

• Once the pump has been separated use gasket cleaner to clear any unnecessary gasket material or old sealant.

• Install the new water pump; keep it in place by fixing two mounting bolts tightened by hand. Next, fit the remaining mounting bolts, tightening them evenly and to the suggested torque tightness. Now reaffix the mounting brackets and hoses.

• Reattach the main cooling fan or water pump drive pulley and fasten the fan covering.

• Reinstall the serpentine belt; making sure it's lined up with the pulley grooves.

• Replace the upper radiator hose and ensure all bolts and cooling hose connections are true.

• Unscrew the radiator cap and fill up coolant mixture reservoir.

• Start the engine, and allow it to idle. Add coolant as required until engine is back to its operating temperature. You will know this as you will able to see coolant moving inside the radiator and the radiator will heat up. Replace radiator cap and check the coolant level.
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