How Hard Is It To Replace A Water Pump For A Dodge B 250 Ram Van?


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Jim Kiely answered
Replacing the water pump can be difficult in the full size vans but not usually to the point where you regret ever having attempted it.
  But make no mistake it can be a challenge. The best way to get at the pump is from under neith, you will more than likely have to access different brackets and hoses and the such from the top. If you have access to a rack/hoist at a friends shop or at you community college auto shop it will make it a lot eaiser to do the job.
  I don't know if you are a novice or not but if you are try and have a buddy who is more skilled at least be there to help. Try not to let him do it all for you because you won't learn anything that way.
  Make sure all surfaces are clean and all of the old gasket is cleaned off. A razor scrapper is the best tool for the job. And  consider it advisable to replace the thermostat and inspect all the hoses and run a cleaner and or flush through the cooling system just for good measure!
  Finish by filling the cooling system with a quality coolant/antifreeze, ie Prestone or Peak. And finally, ALWAYS use quality parts. Remember, you get what you pay for!
  I hope this helps you out, good luck.
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phillip allen answered
You didn't tell use the year of your 250 dodge or size of motor. is it gas, automatic or manual. yes can be a hard job to do. the best thing to do is buy a book on your dodge. they sell them everywhere, book stores auto parts stores, on line.

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