Why Does A Car Jerks When Driving?


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A car can jerk for a number of reasons while driving. It may be down to a problem with the fuel injector becoming clogged-up, or it may be down to the fuel filter itself which may need to be replaced. The car may have too many miles on it and it may be a problem with bad transmission. On the other hand, it may be down to simple bad driving where the driver is not putting their foot on the clutch when changing gears for example.
Unless you are a mechanic, it may bel worth taking the car in to a professional who will be able to pinpoint the problem exactly and then advise you accordingly.
Fuel injectors can become clogged-up through driving. The fuel filter may even be the problem. This will become clogged-up with dirt and grease through driving over a period of time. If this is the root of the problems and is causing the car to jerk, it may be worthwhile replacing the old fuel filter with a new one.
In older cars or those with a large mileage, the transmission may be on the way out and this may be the reason for the car stalling and jerking, even while in a stationary position. If you suspect this is the problem, get the vehicle to a mechanic as soon as possible to minimise the problems to the car and your bank balance.
Learning to drive or driving in a new area can be stressful. It can be so stressful that forgetting to put the foot down on the clutch when changing gears may become more common. This may cause the car to jerk and even stall. This could be dangerous, especially on a busy road so take your time, stay calm or book in for some extra driving lessons.
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Only 2 things I can think of.Your gas is not getting delivered at a steady rate to the carb ,or it has water in it,or you need a fuel filter replaced.....or the transmission is slipping.Like most anything with a vehicle,most of the time it's guess work unless your a seasoned mechanic.And I would have drive the car myself to tell you a better possible answer.
Good luck!
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Could be bad gas, a bad fuel pump, or clogged fuel injectors
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I think the problem is with your fuel filter that need to be cleaned or replaced. This situation occurs when the fuel is not passed in flow to engine.
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Do you mean that your engine is lurching when you are at a dead stop or is the vehicle jerking when you apply the brakes to stop?
What kind of vehicle do you have and what year is it?
Need to know the answers to these questions in order to help you.
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Check your spark plugs. Another reason could be that you alternator is out and your car is running on the battery only.
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Besides the filter also try some dry gas (methanol) to take the water out of the system. These would be the least expensive ways to do it. Also try an additive to remove carbon deposits etc. from your engine (fuel system cleaner). If the simple things don't work you will probably need to take your vehicle to a mechanic.
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I am having the same problem with a 1997 olds cutless,I have talked to many people,of course I started with the fuel filter,of course that was to easy and that wasnt it.
I was sure it was the fuel pump but at the parts store a guy told me there was a (bleed back valve located on the fuel rail near the enginebut it was a dealer item only.
That can only mean one thing+++money.
Although if you have never tried it there is a product called,Seafoam you can pour it in the tank it works great,you may have success with that.Good luck!
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Is the fuel and air mixed in a old styled carb if so just clean the carb.. I had the same problem with my truck wouldnt drive just died.
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I know exactly what it is . My escort had the same prob. Had it to 2 shops and wasted 300 dollars on just guessing. It is the ignition coil  pack. Have it replaced. That is the problem.
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The reason for your car jerks is maybe it lack of engine power.
Lack of engine power caused by many reasons,such as: Excessive carbon deposition, ignition poor lack of fuel pressure, cylinder seal is not good, air intake system failure, coolant sensor signal distortion, etc.
Recommends you to the service station maintenance~
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Would it have anything to do with the motor? Our car does the same and we are a little worried about it. It also makes a tinging sound when it happens. But again only when it hits about the 60 mark
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A car can jerk for many reasons, you should get it check by a mechanic. however it may not be the car, sometimes drivers have problems with changing gears at the right time, listen to the engine, it will tell you when the gears need changed. If a car is in too high of a gear and you are moving very slowly it could case you to jerk or stall!

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