Does A Cars VIN Tell If The Car Has 2 Wheel Drive Or 4 Wheel Drive Or All Wheel Drive?


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Good afternoon. I thought the time of hijacking machines was over, but... I am the owner of the salon of the used cars. One evening before the closing, a young couple came to me and asked me to check out their BMW X3. I agreed they gave me the documents and I, as always, decided to decode BMW VIN. And I saw that this car was hijacked a year ago. I asked where it came from, the girl told me what her friends gave it to her for the wedding. But since they had a car, they decided to sell it. I said that the program issued that the car was hijacked and I was forced to call the police. And if I had not checked it, I would have been in huge trouble.

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The dealer will tell you if it does or not just make sure they tell you and why
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Yes the VIN code on all autos tells you model engine trans and more but get a N.A.D.A yellow book and it will help you understand what numbers and letters mean what, READ THE FRONT hope I was helpful

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