Why Does My Music On My Pen Drive Skip When I Play It In My New Car Stereo?


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Akshay Kalbag answered
Your car stereo must be compatible with the SD and USB in order to ensure that the music which you have stored on your pen drive (or your flash card) does not skip when you play it in your car stereo. It should also be able to play music which is stored on a compact disc (which is abbreviated as CD) or an mp3 compact disc or from an mp3 player, if it supports a USB connection.

Therefore, if you want to play the music which is stored on you pen drive in your new car stereo (and ensure that it does not skip), you must ensure that you have a SD and USB-compatible car stereo. The best one to opt for is a one-gigabyte (which is abbreviated as 1GB) thumb drive and a library that occupies a lot of space on your personal computer (which is abbreviated as PC) at home.

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