How To Fix A Left Bank Running Lean?


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This is not a simple problem to solve.

Somewhere in the intake system there is an air leak that is bypassing the mass air flow sensor.

A good place to start is to look carefully at each section of the intake on that side for an obvious problem like a loos hose.

If none found next take a suitable length of flexible tubing. Stick one end in your ear and use the other end as a stethiscope to listen for the tell tale hiss of air sneaking into the engine.

Another trick is to get a can of something like wd-40 (with the little plastic straw) and carefully spray it at each joint on the intake system with the engine running. Wait to see if the engine rpm changes as you apply it to each joint.

Your last resort would be to disassemble all of the intake and put it back together again!

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