How Do I Change The Motor Oil On A 2000 Oldsmobile Intrigue?


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To change the motor oil on your 2000 Oldsmobile Intrigue, you must first let your engine cool off and then drain out the old oil by locating the oil drain plug. The oil can be caught by placing a pan under the oil drain plug. The oil drain plug can be removed using a wrench and turning the oil drain plug in the counter-clockwise direction. After draining out all the oil, the oil drain plug must be reinstalled. This can be done by turning it in the clockwise direction.

The next step is to replace the oil filter. The oil catch pan must be moved under the oil filter and the oil filter can be removed with the help of an oil filter wrench. The new oil can added after locating the oil filler cap on the cover of the valve. Oil must only be filled in the oil filler cap and nowhere else. So you have to be very careful while performing this step.

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