How Do I Reset The Abs Warning Light?


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Stop by your local auto supply store and ask them to plug their OBD (on board diagnostics) reader into your vehicle. If there really is a problem it will show a code that says what needs to be fixed. If there is no problem they can push a button that clears the warning.
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Try unhooking the negative side of the battery for about thirty seconds if that doesnt work it will need to be erased off the computer at a chevy dealership. Usually free of charge.
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there should be a fuse under the hood. its labeled abs bat remove for 30 seconds. if that doesn't fix there is a current unfixed problem with the brakes.
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They are not allowed to clear the code at an auto parts store. They could get a $10,000 fine if they do. My hubby works at AutoZone.
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I have a96 cvy astro 4.3 vortec engine .my ignition would not turn to the off position to release the key . Then I was slightly rear ended and my power stering and brakes stopped working for over a week until I was backing up and felt a tug and they started working again but they still cease every once in awile  thanks for any advice  .  Mark leaver @ [email protected]

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