How Do I Test A Idle Air Control Valve?


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You can test an air control valve by following these steps;
  • Turn the key in your car.
  • Check the warning lights.
  • Unplug the air control valve and connect a voltage meter.
  • The reading should be between 7 and 13 ohms.
If there are any issues or problems with the reading that you get. Try to clean the valve and try again. Do not put water on the valve and clean with a clean, dry cloth.

A air control valve controls the air that goes through it. This controls what the air pressure should be and also the amount of air that travels through. This is an important part of your car and the valve works in a very simple way. You will be able to text this without visiting a mechanic but you will need a voltage meter.

You can purchase a voltage meter from most car shops or hardware stores. The best thing to do when looking for one is to go online. There are some great deals to be had at stores such as Amazon for items like this and if you do not wish to use it too frequently, you could also look at purchasing a second hand voltage meter.

There are also stores that will rent out items like this so you will be able to borrow it for a number of days and then give it back. This will cost you every time you use it but it will be guaranteed to work and to show accurate readings when you use it.

As it is not an every day item, if a friend has one they should be able to lend it to you for the day. I'm sure that most people will not use these every day and will be gathering dust somewhere so borrowing should not be a major issue.
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On ford cars and trucks I usually unplug the valve. If it is operating properly the engine will shut off. If there are vacuum leaks it will stay running and you can listen, find and fix them. A lot of the time if the idle seems high when you start, hit it with a hammer, if the idle drops the valve is sticking, probably has a cracked piston in the valve and needs to be replaced.
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Where does an o ring fit on a rover 200 1999 idle air control valve
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Tale it off and clean it really food with carb cleaner and make sure the plunger moves free.

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