How Is Air Mixed With Fuel In Cars?


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Any method that gives power of engine is not necessary to involve petroleum.Because there are great taxes on fuel.Gas is an different power system for vehicles.
The air engine is piston engine that is emission free and compressed air is used in it for energy.Compression air is used to drive the pistons. Betterment is gained through the use of environmental heat at normal temperature to heat the cold expanded air.It is also used for the air condition in cars.Air is delivered to the engine through the injection system.
This engine is used to power an urban car with room for five travelers.

An other method of storing energy is Liquid liquefy the air energy is used.Liquid nitrogen is found by evaporation.Nitrogen gas can be used to power a piston or engine.One kg of liquid nitrogen extract 213 W-hr or 173 W-hr per liter.
Ethanol and methanol have been found from petroleum or natural gas.It is easily found from sugar or starch in crops.When alcohol fuel is mixed into gasoline the result is known as gasohol and labeled with an 'E' followed by the percentage of Ethanol. Ethanol or gasoline has property of slowly decomposing certain rubber compounds that are found in the fuel lines and seals in vehicles.
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Air is sucked into the air filter by the compression of the pistons it is then cleaned and then goes to the carburettor where the petrol is temporarily stored then the vapour from the the Petrol is mixed with the air automatically then goes into the piston where it is ignited by the spark plug which sends the piston down the cylinder.
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Air and Petrol both are mixed in carburetor as all of us know, everything works on simple principal of vacuum creation. There is a valve in carburetor that control the flow of air when air is passed thru carburetor, velocity of air varies based on valve opening as per eq VC is constant higher the velocity lower the pressure. This high velocity air create vacuum in carburetor then this vacuum sucks the petrol into carburetor thru petrol nozzle.

This is the whole simple mech on which air, fuel device works.
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The air is important to maintain the temperature of the fuel that is being put inside the car.

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