How Does A Vacuum Operated Carburetor Work?


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The carburetor is that component inside the car that mixes the air and fuel for the engine. Invented in 1893 by two Hungarian scientists Janos Czonka and Donat Banki, the carburetor has made way for fuel injection. However, carburetors are still the preferred device for motorcycles and the smaller cars.

This is how the vacuum operated carburetor works. All carburetors have a fuel jet opening, through which the fuel passes to the engine. In vacuum operated carburetors, this opening is regulated by a vacuum operated piston. This piston is connected to a needle. The needle slides inside the fuel jet. The motorcycles use a simpler version of the same type of carburetor. However, as mentioned earlier, the carburetors are moving out and making way for fuel injection, which has now become the most used way of fuel delivery to the injection.

Besides the vacuum operated carburetors, the other type of carburetors used are the fixed venturi.

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