How Hard Is It To Change The Head Gasket On A 2001 PT Cruiser?


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The phrase "head gasket" is misleading. I mean, sure, its a gasket. How hard can it be to replace? Well the problem is that this gasket is essentially right between the major parts of your engine and much of the engine has to be taken apart to get to this gasket!

As head gaskets go this one is not too hard to do. But a head gasket job is major work. Lots of hoses and wires have to be disconnected. The exhaust manifold has to be removed (nasty job, nuts & bolts are often stuck) the cooling system drained and the cam belt removed.

Once the head is removed it should be checked out to be sure it is not cracked or warped. After all, why go to all this work to put back a broken part! Many mechanics will not put back a head unless it is totally perfect, often the heads sealing surface has to be machined flat to be sure it seals against the head gasket.

Depending on exactly what needs to be done will determine how much the job costs. The head gasket kit alone costs around $100 so figure a minimum of $500 if nothing lese needs to be done and over $1,000 if more work (like rebuilding the head) is necessary.

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