Where Is The Neutral Safety Switch On A Pt Cruiser?


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The fact is that when driving in the dark on a suburban road, drivers already from afar notice a cyclist equipped with at least a headlight and a rear beacon. In the city, there is never real darkness, and due to the abundance of lighting, billboards and headlights of other cars, your visibility decreases significantly, no matter how bright the lights are.

When a cyclist crosses an intersection or carriageway at a pedestrian crossing and finds himself sideways to the driver, his visibility is reduced even more, despite the headlights on. Therefore, I recommend using at least reflective tape, which need to be cut into small squares to paste over the rim, between the spokes on each wheel, and you can also wrap several spokes

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If the vehicle is an automatic and depending on the year it is located on the lower drivers side of the trans and is called a prndl switch. This for I believe 2005 or older otherwise it is called a transmission range sensor which is located on the valve body inside the trans. This would require removing the trans shift lever, the trans pan and valve body. If this is the case there are two accumulator pistons and springs that will drop down after removing the valve body. Make sure they go back in the same position they came out.

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