How To Recharge My Ac On 96 Dodge Dakota?


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Any auto shop can do it it cost me 5 bucks cause I know some people at a mechanic shop down the road. Well if you want to do it yourself  go to the part store get a can of the r 34 stop leak. 2 or 3 cans r 34 recharge-ant freon and the r 34  oil for the barrings in side the compressor.start the car and turn ac on full blast.  Find the low side on the ac lines. The fat one that the connection hose clips on. Run in the stop leak or leak detector if theres a leak try to fix it if no leak run the oil in  and then the free on I can tell if its full by doing it but you could buy a gauge some cans come with one they also sell all the stuff in a kit but one important thing check you car the older cars have r 14 freon  if it is you have to convert to r34 freon

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