What Is The Difference Between An EFI And A Normal Car Engine?


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EFI stands for 'electronic fuel injection' system which is the latest fuel injections system type available in automobile industry. It is a system which measure / meter the fuel traveled into engine and it is like a long tube from where one side is open for fuel entrance and another side has nozzle and valve to control the value / amount of fuel. Other type of engine or fuel measuring system is called carburettors type engines which is old type of fuel measuring system.

The difference between both is that in Electronic fuel injection, the fuel is injected with pressure and release it through small nozzles as per the requirement of engine whereas in other carburettor type fuel comes with pipe throat / barrel, fuel come into carburettor through pipe and enters in the engine relies on the vacuum created by intake air rushing into.

The basic function carburettor is to measure the airflow into engine, measure the fuel into engine and mix them both evenly before sending it to combustion system. EFI type of engines are electronic based and adjust there self electronically but other side these carburetor type of engines require frequent check-ups and adjustments.

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