What Is Difference Engine And Analytical Engine?


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Charles Babbage was an English Mathematician who came up with the idea of the true computer. He is also known as the father of computers. In 1988 Charles Babbage designed a machine that computed mathematical tables and complex arithmetic operations. This machine was known as Difference Engine. Difference Engine mainly consisted of 3 parts; Arithmetic and logic unit (ALU), Control Unit (CU) and Memory Unit (MU).He made a lot of effort and resources to take out accurate results but due to lack of advanced technology, the accurate part of this engine could not made. So Charles Babbage lost interest and stopped working on Difference Engine and started working on his lifetime project in building a new machine.

In 1833-34 he made a machine known as Analytical Engine. Analytical Engine was considered the first computer of the world. This machine introduced the idea of computing numbers that is still in use. Analytical Computer consists of storage area and mill similar to today's memory and processor. He visualized the computer to be constructed with brass fittings and powered by steam. But unfortunately this machine could not be built. Due to lack of funds and resources the computer which gave the idea of modern computer could not be made.

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