What Is The Similarities And Differences Between Cars And Motorcycle?


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Both things are using as convince.
Both use the petrol.
Both run on the road.
Both have the engine.
Both have the brakes, gayer and accelerator.

Motor cycle covers very small space but Car covers big space.
More persons can travel on the car but Motor Cycle is specific for only 2 persons.
Motor Cycle has 2 wheels and a Car has 4 wheels.
A person is safer in the car but less safe in Motor cycle.
A Motor Cycle use for the short distance but a car use for the long distance.
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First of all one is covered and one is not. Your a little safer in a car than a bike and around arkansas with the deer population you'd much rather hit a deer with a car than a motorcycle! And like said before they are both engine powered using gears. Oh and in most cases you can go faster on a bike than in a car!!!!
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Well, one has 4 wheels, the other has 2. One is bigger and the other is smaller - which means differences in engine power and potential speed, torque and agility. And of course, the price difference is pretty worthy of mentioning. But of course there are high end motorbikes that you will need financing to afford too.

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Well, a few niggling details - most three wheels vehicles in CA are also classified as motorcycles - even something like the Polaris Slingshot.  Has an acquantce get a ticket for no helmet in her Slingshot.  Also, sidecars allow more passengers.  While visiting Yellowstone, saw a big bike with a two person side car.  The two kids rode in the side car, and Mother pillion behind the Driver.  It was a very expensive looking set-up. 

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A car has four wheels and is bigger (unless you have a BMW bike). A motorbike has 2 wheels and is smaller. Similarities is they both have an engine powered the same way using gears but have slightly different methods of using them.

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