Where Is The Vin On A 1936 Chevy Truck?


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I have found out that the title VIN on early Chevy trucks (my1936) was usually the serial number of the motor. There was no other number on body, frame, firewall or doorpost. Have verified this with owners dating back to the 50s. A previous owner of my truck that did the V8 engine change verified that the original 6 cyl block serial number did match the number on the title. It is a continuous Oklahoma title number since new. In Oklahoma, the DMV let me put a plate on the frame that matched the title. This seemed to satisfy the insurance company and lender. I understand that in some states this can't be done (illegal) Steve
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My 1936 Series II low cab has a "cowl tag" on the passenger side of the firewall. (It also has an engine number located behind the fuel pump)
My "cowl tag" number is:
5RB06 15241
5 = Kansas City plant
R = 1.5 ton
B = 131 inch w.b., dual rear wheels
06 = rolled off line in June, 1936
15241 = 14,240th truck off the line for 1936 model year.

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There is no VIN on this vehicle. The VIN system did not exist in 1936. There is however a build tag somewhere on the vehicle. It is most commonly found under the hood on the firewall, but may be somewhere else. Can be inside the glove box, on the kick panels, door posts, etc

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