What Were The Immediate Effects Of The Sinking Of The Titanic Ship?


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RMS Titanic has probably created more history than any other high-sea voyage or vessel. The claim of state-of-the-art interiors and design and being unsinkable was made visible for all to see, but only for contemporary society's crème de la crème to indulge. The maiden voyage of this beauty covered the front pages of every magazine and newspaper. This made April 14, 1912, go down the annals of history. The impact of the voyage to the United States of America had far reaching effects on the technology experimented on and sea-faring.

However, the unsinkable ship did sink in cold waters, with only 705 surviving, out of the original 2200 passengers and crew aboard. RMS Titanic hit an ice-berg that the design and safety measures could not withstand. The lack of safety equipment and the faults in design were highlighted, but not until the damage was done. The sinking of the Titanic was a turning point in sea voyage. Owners and designers of luxury cruise liners and other regular vessels began implementing changes in hull and safety designs. The placement of cabins and emergency equipment were redefined. Passengers too became more alert and probing, while making reservations and safety measures were no more the domain of the captain. Agents too began considering the offer of insurance to passengers, creating a sense of security. The overconfidence of the technical crew of the Titanic was a lesson to others in the field.

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