Why Did The Titanic Ship Sink?


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It was traveling  through the icy waters they gave it 7 iceberg warnings but the captain didnt listen so an ice berg came trough and they wre driving fast so they didnt get a chance to turn so it hit the ice berg and sunk :))
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The Titanic sank because they were traveling at a fast speed and went through some icy waters and could not turn in time and collided with an iceberg.
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It hit a huge iceberg approximately 160 m tall. This tore a huge hole in the side of the ship; therefore all the water rushing in made it too heavy to continue floating. It took about three hours to completely submerge, and soon it will only be a huge pile of rust at the bottom of the ocean, because it is made out of iron.

Others say the Titanic ship sank due to blasphemy about god. "God himself could not sink this ship." God allegedly can do anything, the lord may have done this to prove them wrong.

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