Who Built And/or Designed The Titanic To Be Unsinkable?


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The Titanic was built by the White Star Line, based in England. The White Star Line was considered as one of the finest shipbuilding businesses in the world, and it had an outstanding record in building safe ships; both cargo ships or freighters, as well as passenger ships. The White Star line's passenger ships were known for their magnificent furnishings for First Class passengers; no expense was spared in comfort, luxury, and service. The Second Class passengers had much less fancy accomodations, but still better than other shipbuilding lines. The Titanic's hull construction was thought to be so solidly and efficiently built, that the White Star Line called it "unsinkable." Since she hit an iceberg and sank on her maiden voyage, so much for that arrogant thought! The iceberg ripped a huge hole in the hull that was thought to be impenetratable. Perhaps if the White Star Line had spent more money on the hull construction and the water-tight doors instead of gourmet food for the First Class passengers, the big ship's maiden voyage would have been successful.

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