Which Is Biggest, Titanic Ship Or Noah's Ark?


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That would be Titanic because Noahs Arc doesn't exist.

There are roughly 18K species of land mammals on the planet, that means the arc would have needed to house at least 36K land mammals, plus the millions of insect species. Also the arc would have needed an elaborate watter tank system for the fresh watter fish that would have died in the salt watter of a global flood.

Then he'd need food for all of these animals, and he'd have to take care of them with only six people. Its mathematically impossible, it didn't happen.
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Noah's Ark was 300 cubits the breadth of 50 cubits and the height 30
cubits.The length of the tit antic was 882 feet, 9 inches. The beam (width of a boat) was 92
feet, 6 inches. It was 175 feet high and displaced 52,310 tons.
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A cubit is roughly 1.5 feet, so as you can see from the other answer, Titanic was twice the size of Noah's Ark, and modern cruise ships are up to 4 times bigger still.
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As if it wasn't unlikely enough that it had two of every animal on there!

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