What Percentage Of A Sale Does A Car Salesman Make When They Sell A Car?


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This can vary from anywhere between ten to twenty five per cent, depending on the percentage of the figures negotiated in the contract of the salesman.
It may also depend on the value of a car, so for example, if he is selling luxury brands at 400 thousand each, he may only get between 2 and 5 per cent, as this would still add up to a sizeable amount.
There are also salesmen who run their own car dealerships, and buy and sell cars on their own account. So it is difficult to say exactly, since each salesman negotiates a deal according to his contract and seniority.
Some do exceptionally well, and others barely keep the wolf from the door.
A second hand car salesman is often portrayed as a person on the edge of desperation, who starves while he waits for his next commission payment to come in.
Some salesmen are given a basic salary for this reason.

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