What Licence Do I Need To Operate A Catering Van On A Car Boot Sale?


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The license you need to operate a mobile catering van or any other kind of vehicle or watercraft at a car boot sale or any other location, you must obtain a B.3 license from the Local Authority. The license fee is $75.

If you wish you are a part of the committee which is organizing the car boot sale you can also only obtain a Temporary Food Permit on behalf of the organization which give you a day's or a weeks permit to sell eatables from a mobile restaurant in the car boot sale. The permit to obtain is called a Temporary Food Permit from Environmental Health and Safety. This permit is to be obtained if food or beverage service at the event is not handled by an approved UC Irvine Caterer. This permit is especially important of you are selling perishable food products on the stall.

You can apply for a Temporary Food Permit online. All the direction and application forms are available online. Your application will be submitted to EH&S for final approval. You can even directly go to the EH&S office or call them (949)-824-4170.

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