Why Does My Car Make A Loud Sound When I Accelerate?


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It sounds like your car has a problem in the exhaust system. This area of the car is prone to malfunction, especially if the car is rather old.

It is an area which - when not operating correctly - is very likely to cause a significant increase in the noise made by the engine.

However, there are other problems which could cause this noise, so it would be best to take the car into a garage to get a specialist to check it out properly.

Why does my car sound really loud when I accelerate?
  • The muffler part of the exhaust system has most probably been damaged somehow, either by wear-and-tear or by some sort of accident.
  • A hole in the exhaust manifold will certainly cause a very loud noise. If you continue to run the car with this problem, it will only make it worse.
  • Even more severe, the entire exhaust manifold could be loose. Again, this could cause the noise you have described.
  • Take your car to a garage and the mechanic will be able to diagnose the problem. If it does involve replacing the exhaust system, then this job isn't too time-consuming.
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Because when you accelerate, the tranny needs to keep up with your pace - so it makes a loud sound to keep up.

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