How Do You Sell A Car To Jay Leno?


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Pass it on to jay, if he is interested he can post a note found a 1928 durant in a barn thats been there for 50 years in very good shape everything there.. Greg
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This can be a real difficult task. Are you aware that Jay Leno is something of an expert on cars apart from being an avid car collector? He is fully capable of rating a car and understanding its worth. He has a collection of more than 85 cars. He is a very well known and well read columnist with Popular Mechanics. Thus if you think that there is some easy technique of getting Jay Leno to buy your car then you are badly mistaken.

I believe the only reason that Jay Leno might get interested in your car is if it has some exclusive characteristic that sets it apart from the other cars or there is some special thing or past or any unique factor that might be good enough to catch Jay Leno's interest and notice.
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Is a Hudson Commodore Convertible in great condition enough of an interest?
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Does he have a Trabant? I have one I shipped from Germany right after the wall came down. It is a convertible & was used by the East German border guards.
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Jay Leno is an expert on cars apart from being an avid car collector so you can write him a letter and request them.
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I would like to have jay restore my 92 ford escort for me since he has
the expertize restoration people to do this  hopefully for no cost to me
and he could showcase this idea on his tv show  as "restoring harry's car"
and it could be a neet promotional funny bit as well!!
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Just write him a letter like this:

Mr. Leno,

I have a Rare 1966 Mustang GT Trans AM Racer, fat boy
finders and all, 289 HP  4 Speed, I was just wondering if you might
be interested
in it.

I have some pics.

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I have a 1965 Thunderbird that I would like to sell to Jay he seems to respect the clasic cars and this is a true original (minus paint though) it has just over 24.000 miles and was just inspected by autospector and got 9's acrossed the board my contact is

Brett White 

2246 nw 63 ave

Margate Fl 33063

email is ([email protected])

cell is 561-859-1492

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I have a 1961 2dr. Rambler American deluxe with 43000 mile on it that my grandmother won in a local contest. I have original title,newspaper articles of the progress of the contest,her receiving the keys. The car  has minor rust, a couple small holes, I don't  know if I should restore or leave original untouched fixing right may cost more than car is worth. I plan to hand the car down when older to keep in family with orders  that it never leaves family.

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Nitin patidar , Sell your car, answered

Another very
important factor which determines the price is the fuel efficiency it provides.
The quality of the fuel used, the maintenance of the engine oils which affect
the brakes, the clutch, and the overall drive-abilities are very important. A
car having higher fuel efficiency is going to have a higher value. The
maintenance which has been carried out under the hood also plays an important role.
A well maintained car with clean interiors having a good neat and clean seat
cover, clean floor mats, a covered steering wheel, a well maintained AC and
glitch free windows is surely going to make a great impression. A perfume is a
very good idea to deck up the aesthetic factor as well. Like the interiors, the
exterior also plays an important role. A fresh coat of paint, dents and bruises
well taken care of and a rust free body is surely going to make an impact when
you sell your car.

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I have a 1955 GMC Suburban that was converted to a Civil Defense Rescue vehicle.  It is a classic expression of Civil Defense during the height of the cold war.  I have the complete history on the vehicle and some of the original equipment as well as a complete historical context of the vehicle. I live in L.A. And before considering placing it in a museum I thought Jay might be interested. 

Jim Knight

[email protected]

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I would like to know if Jay Leno would be interested in a 1957 VW bug red convertible. It is all original and has matching numbers. Jay graduated from Emerson college and our daughter is a current student there. The sale of the car would help with the cost of her education and is the only reason we are selling it. The car has been garaged for the last 35 years and is in excellent condition. We have photo's that we would send and the price is 25K. Please let me know. Thanks.

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