The Battery Of My Honda Shadow 600 Is Dead Where To I Find It And How Do I Charge It?


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Kevin Blakely answered
1) Remove the plastic cover on the right side just above the passenger foot peg. Grasp the lower part and pull towards you. Once the bottom is loose pull down and the plastic panel will slide out.
2) Inside you will find some wires tucked away. Pulling them out will reveal 2 screws holding a plastic cover in place. Remove these 2 screws and work this plastic piece over the exhaust and out of the way. (It will still be attached by the wires).
3) You will now see the battery. On this side, you will see a red rubber cover over the + terminal. Attach the + of the charger here, being careful it does not contact the frame. You can attach the negative (-) contact to any grounded metal (I use the foot peg mount).

Note - Should you want to remove the battery, you need to remove the plastic panel from the left side and remove the screw from the negative terminal (otherwise the battery will not slide out the right side).
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Jimmy Walz answered
It is either under the seat or the side cover below the seat. Clean the connections and on the battery charger put the clamp marked + to the + on the battery do the same with the- to- then plug in charger. Usually when motorcycle batteries are dead and its been dead for awhile its better to buy a new one or you will be charging the old battery quite often.
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