Pw80 Oil Injection Bypass?


2 Answers

Muhammad . Profile
Muhammad . answered
You need to change the oil because oil is filthy and you also need to change the pipe because it has trash. then that ratio would work. Choke would be adjusted automatically after starting your bike you'd guess it.
Chuck Lidell Profile
Chuck Lidell answered
It works on any 2 stroke injected bike !!!! They are so rich it is horrible suzuki jr yamaha p dubs . And 40:1 is plenty on any bike if jetted right hell klots makes crap claiming to go 80:1 And what does a average chain saw run ? Anyone ? 50:1 wow get a grip you stupid fuking wana be mechanics that think you know something about nothing and I am a godamn engineer !!!!!! Don't listen to buttheads ask what to do to a harley to ten different so called mechanics and guess what ? I did everything to mine that said wouldnt work wow people just think and do it !!!

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