What Is The Correct Tyre Pressure For A Citroen Berlingo Van?


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Liam Orr answered
Given that there are so many different models of this van then you can't be exactly sure what tyre pressure you require for the van. Optimum pressure will vary between the different models of van, so you'll first want to find out what vehicle model you currently own.

Many people use petrol stations to find out, too. Most petrol stations have car washing machines and tyre pressure machines. Find this section of the petrol station and you should see a poster or a sign that shows you the optimum tyre pressures for numerous different cars. Simply look down the list on the poster and find your car. If you can find your make, model, and year of release for the car on the poster then there should be an optimum tyre pressure figure written underneath. This means that you will be able to increase or decrease the tyre pressure your self using the machine that, generally, doesn't cost much. This saves time and money getting your mechanic to do it for you.

Of course, if you can't find the information that you need then the best thing for you to do would be to get in touch with your mechanic. Your mechanic will have all the knowledge and all the information at hand to find out the optimum tyre pressure for your vehicle's tyres. You may find that you pay a little more to have it done than if you were to do it yourself at the petrol station, but at least you will know in the future. You may also be able to just find out what it is from your mechanic, and then go about doing it yourself at the petrol station. It's down to what you want to do and what you mechanic says.
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When you open the front door on the driver's side you should see an information plate, and this tells you what the tire pressure should be.  It is best to follow the recommended amount  as your tires will last longer and you will get better gas mileage.
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Which model?  Not being funny, but there are lots of different models, and optimal tyre pressure varies a bit between them.  See if yours is on this handy list.  Also, I would check the tyres themselves.  Sometimes they actually say on the side wall what tyre pressure is recommended.  Whatever they say should probably take precedent over manufacturer's guidelines.

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