How Much Is My Second Hand Car Worth?


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To find out your specific used car value, you'll need to investigate using something like the Parkers Guide ~ this is a publication available at most good bookshops which shows guideline values for all most used car values. The guide is issued yearly, so try not to refer to one from a few years ago which won't be as accurate! If you are thinking about selling your car, you should also check out listings for similar makes as yours ~ in terms of model, age, mileage, condition and Tax/MOT validation. Once you have done your research, you might find that your vehicle is actually not worth as much as you originally imagined. In this case you might already have a new car in mind ~ perhaps consider supplementing your sold car value with some car financing which could help you get a newer and more modern vehicle.
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IMO it is way too hard to evaluate a second hand car on the go, besides that a person should also ask themself if they even need a car cause there are tons of different options to choose from. Personally I usually rent a range rover vogue HSE in case I need to go somewhere, it is much cheaper and convenient if you ask me.
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It is worth peanuts as it is old and should be scrapped.

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You can also try or They price your vehicle based on mileage, your opinion of its condition, and so on.
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Depends on year, model, brand, and condition. My family's looking into buying used cars in good condition with low mileage from 2002-2006, and we're finding them for $6500 or less.

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Checkout your car condition & decide price to any expert in this field.

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It all depends on the model of the car, what is the mileage, how the previous owner used it. But I know that there is a cool company in Europe that sells used cars in good condition and at a good price. All the cars there are in almost perfect condition. You can see it here.

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