What Is Your Classic Car Worth?


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The worth of your classic car can be determined only after assessing several factors. You can find out the value of your car through the value guide available in the market. This guide has information as to which car in which condition is worth how much. Thus it is possible that two identical models may have different values due to the difference in their condition. This guide rates cars on a scale of 1 to 5 with 1 being the best. If your car is in excellent condition and is a very well-sought after model then you are likely to get a great price for your car.

Then the value of the car would reduce depending on which scale you car is rated. If there are a lot of modifications and renovations done to your car then also the value and worth of your car would be reduced because the originality of the car is lost. The rarity is also a factor is determining the value or worth of your classic car. If your model is very rare then it would fetch a great price but it would decrease with the commonness of the model.
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1966 Impala S/S original numbers match 396 engine. Automatic transmission turbo 400 has about 10.000 miles on it. The car itself has 115000 original REAL miles on it. The car is about a 75 point car. I try to drive it as often as possible for the enjoyment.
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1970 mustang mach 1 that was hit in the front. It has the original 351 wisor, trany,rear end, and most interior. The hood bumper and both fenders would need to be replaced along with any frame work need to fit them correctly. The damage to the rear of the car is not is bad. The car has less than 70 thousand original miles. With the motor being rebuilt less than 5 thousand miles ago.
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1973 dodge charger with a 318 with a 904 auto good con.
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One way to find out is using the model the brand and the year of the model manufactured. You can do this using a value guide. If we are talking about classic luxury cars of course they are expensive; try to see this site to be able to know what classic cars really worth even if they are for hire. -

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