My 2001 Chevy Malibu Airbag Light Stays On, Can You Help?


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Mine did that after my son accidentally bumped into the front with his bike I took it in to the dealer and he said not to worry about it that most of the time it just goes out by itself but if you did hit something just remember don't tense up if that thing decides to blow up .... They hurt like hell!!!
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I guess I know the most about fixing the Chevy Malibu airbag light staying on. First check the fuses as advised by a mechanic. I found 2 airbag fuses 10amp and although they looked good, I replaced them. Still stays on. Inspection station says, if the fuses are good, next you need to see if the sensors are faulty. I asked my reasonably priced mechanic to find out from Chevy where the sensors are, and he says when he does that they tell him to bring the car in there. I am trying to avoid a dealer because I don't have much money; dealer's like to pretend they don't know what's wrong and charge you all kinds of time, and I think suggest the most expensive fix. The airbag light came on just as I was going down the street, maybe I hit a pothole but not a big one. This car in the past had been hit in the side front, and backed into, the airbag light did not go on.
I need to fix it asap, and I cannot find on google anywhere the location of the sensors, although one site said that a seat belt may have to be replaced if there really was an accident. However, it might be worth it to see if your seat-belt was somehow shut in the door. I guess there is a sensor at seat belts, but all of them? I am not going to replace something that Advanced Auto Parts has, called an airbag clock. It costs about $179, from those money grabbers, yet, and they don't know what it does.

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