How Much Is My John Deere Worth?


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The best place to go for prices on John Deere tractor would be the official John Deere website:

For more detailed information it would be best to research your John Deere on sites such as eBay where a John Deere 7820 50k tractor in good condition can fetch up to £40,000 and a John Deere 6220 Premium 4 wheel drive can go for £25,000.

With eBay you can place the tractor as a 'classified ad', a 'Buy it now' ad or just a regular bidding item. To help you list your tractor it would be a good idea to use where you can select the model of your tractor and receive a full statistical report.

Websites such as are very handy for comparing prices on numerous John Deere tractors. Simply type in the model number and a list of current prices will appear.

Of course, you do not have to use the net to find the worth of your John Deere Tractor. There are many useful books on tractor pricing. One such book happens to be the Yellow Pages of the tractor world. "The Official Tractor Blue Book 2011." (ISBN-13: 978-1599692302) is available to order from many online bookstores. Additional titles include "The Official Tractor Blue Book 2008."( ISBN-13: 978-1599691619), "The Official Tractor Blue Book 2007." (ISBN-13: 978-1599690636), "Used Tractor Price Guide 2003: 1939-2002 (Official Tractor Blue Book)" (ISBN-13: 978-0872888975), the "Used Tractor Price Guide 2002: 1939-2001 (Official Tractor Blue Book)" (ISBN-13: 978-0872888036) and the "Used Tractor Price Guide 2001." (ISBN-13: 978-0872887664).

Good luck on selling your John Deere tractor!
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The year is 2009, not sure about the tractor value.
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1984 model 111 11 horsepower 42 in deck john deer lawn mower
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No one can answer your question because you did not provide any information model/age of the tractor-year it was made and what condition it is in. Any extra attachments seed spreader/snow blade/canopy/yard trailer for clean up or yard work so on....
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Well john deere holds its value really good and if its in good shape it should only be a couple thousand dollars less than what you paid for it unless it has a lot of hours on it than the price will be low.
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I have a stx-38 john deere riding mower with 12.5hp kohler how much is it worth?
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There are websites you can try on the Internet that can help you.  You just enter the year and model, mileage, etc.  I found one for our boat.  You will have to surf the net a bit.  But its worth it.  I know they have Kelly blue book for cars.  But they have another one for boats, atvs, and tractors, etc.  I am just not sure what the site is, so you will have to surf the net a bit, if you don't get a better answer here.  Or you can ask a John Deer store near you, but I don't think they will tell you much, they will probably give you a real low price.  But they can probably tell you what they use to figure it out, what the book is and look it up on the Internet for free.  Good luck.
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Ok Here is what you do. Go over to ebay and type in your tractor name and year + model number.
Use "completed listings" search to see what has sold and for how much. Hundreds of used tractors are sold every day so its a good gauge as to the current marketability of your tractor.
For detailed listings go here

Good Luck!


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