Has Any One Had Problems With Fuel Pump On 2003 Ford Taurus?


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I have a 2003 Taurus that just went through 2 weeks of this problem.
Have your fuel filter changed and have the guys at the auto shop check your gas tank for sugar or "some other" foreign substance. Have you pissed anyone off lately ? Pouring sugar into someones gas tank causes this type of problem too. It's very difficult and costly to have a Taurus gas tank THOUROUGHLY flushed out.
  Also, when adding gas line anti freeze to your fuel be sure that you are using the kind  FOR GASOLINE ENGINES ONLY and NOT the type for DIESEL ENGINES ONLY. This could cause the same problem - clogging up the screen on your fuel pump and clogging up your fuel filter while leaving buttery goo all inside your gas tank.
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My SHO did that after it was( the engine ) warm. I was told it was a cam shaft sensor. Car ran good cold but would stall after it got warm and wouldnt start til it cooled down.
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Sorry crank shaft sensor.

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