How Can I Hook Up A CB Radio Matchbox To My Car?


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In order to hook up a CB radio matchbox to your car all you have to do is follow the next few easy steps. Firstly, disconnect the battery cables, using the proper size wrench or socket. If you are uncertain of the size required, verify it with the vehicle's repair manual. Then you mount your CB box. Use the supplied mounting brackets to attach the CB. Try to drill as little holes as possible by drilling through the mounting brackets once they are attached. Then power the CB.

Route the power wire to the vehicles fuse block and connect the wire to an accessory output. Ground the CB radio to the chassis of the vehicle with ground wire. Mount the antenna. Choose an area to mount the antenna that permits you to run the least quantity of coax cable without the antenna standing up too high. You can even mount magnet-mount antennas without drilling holes.

Then connect your CB to the antenna. Antenna coax cable is then plugged into the antenna input of the CB radio. Ensure that the cable is securely attached, or you will get poor signal. Then connect your microphone to the CB. Then reconnect the battery and start the car. Your CB radio should be connected by then.

Just follow these steps and you will be able to safely install your CB radio. You might just have to do a few more things depending upon your make and model. Follow your instructions manual for them.

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