I Want To Put A Car Stereo Into My 1996 Ford Ranger, But I Need The Color Codes For Hooking Up The Wiring. Can Anyone Help?


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Mark Henderson answered
If only car radios were as easy to install as they used to be! Unfortunately these days car radios and stereo systems have become increasingly complicated to wire up.

However I have found the color codes for the wiring of a 1996 Ford Ranger stereo, which makes the whole installation process a lot easier!

Wire color codes for hooking up a car stereo in a 1996 Ford Ranger.
  • Green/Purple: Battery constant 12V + power wire.
  • Yellow/Black: Accessory switched 12V + wire.
  • Black/Light Green: Grounding wire.
  • Light Blue/Red: Radio illumination wire.
  • Blue: Amp trigger wire.
  • Orange/Light Green: Left front speaker + wire.
  • Orange/Light Green: Left front speaker - wire.
  • White/Light Green: Right front speaker + wire.
  • Dark Green/Orange: Right front speaker - wire.
  • Gray/Light Blue: Left rear speaker + wire.
  • Tan/Yellow: Left rear speaker - wire.
  • Orange/Red: Right rear speaker + wire.
  • Brown/Pink: Right rear speaker - wire.

That should be it! Remember to take care and take your time when installing your new stereo, as one wrong wire could break the whole system! I hope this has been helpful.

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