How Can I Hook Up A Car Stereo In My Room?


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To use a car stereo inside the house, you need a 12 Volt DC power supply. (3 Amp minimum). These are available at Radio Shack. Not cheap at around $60.00 but they will
last you a lifetime and serve to test automotive electronics off the car.
That will be your "Car Battery". Or, you could use a car battery, but you don't want
a car battery inside the house, they are dangerous and potentially explosive, and they put out acid fumes which you don't want to breathe. Not recommended.

1) connect a Positive wire from the Radio Shack 12VDC Power Supply to the car stereo's 12 Volt Constant AND the 12 Volt Switchable wires. (the Constant 12 Volt wire keeps the preset stations in memory from erasing after you turn the car stereo OFF, but you will have
to keep the Power Supply ON all the time for it to work). Usually these wires are RED and YELLOW in the car stereo's wiring harness.

2) connect a Ground wire from the Radio Shack 12VDC Power Supply to the car stereo's Ground, usually a BLACK wire in the car stereo's wiring harness, or you can also connect the Ground wire from the power supply to the car stereo's Case; There is usually a screw in the back of the car stereo's Case for this purpose.

3) You will need a Manual Car Antenna, (cheap at auto parts stores). Connect the Antenna cable plug to the car stereo's antenna plug. Mount the antenna somewhere near and higher than the car stereo.

4) Connect the speakers just like you would in a car. Note that you need Car Speakers, NOT Home Speakers, to use with the Car Stereo. There are differences in the OHMS ratings from car speakers to home speakers.

If you are crafty, you can make a nice wood Case for the car stereo unit, as I have done.
Finish it with wood stain and clear varnish. Looks great. Or just get some rubber feet and apply them to the bottom of the car stereo's Case so you don't scratch the furniture.

You can buy carpeted angled boxes for 6 x 9 car speakers, from different sources. Also I've seen carpeted boxes for 8, 10, and 12" speakers. 3-way 6 x 9 speakers are best for in-house use of a car stereo. Everything else is overkill.

Good Luck !
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I saw this post today and went to radioshack and bought the 13.8v dc 15 amp for 103.. That was after tax and with a one year warranty.. There was also a 3 amp for 54.99 plus tax and the one year warranty is another 10 bucks..

Intalled it in my room and works fine.. Thanks a lot
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No not unless you knock down the voltage from 110 to 12 volts and transform the electricity from AC to DC battery powered.
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Not even that will do it. Cars use dc voltage and a house uses ac voltage. You need to change the ac to dc and then it'll work. They sell a gadget that'll do that for abou $30. I've used one to run a cb
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Yes  buy  a  game  cube  power  supply  for  about 10  bucks  then  connect  your  2  wires  that  supplies 12v  3.25 amps  dc

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