Can You Hook Up A Car System Using A Factory Radio?


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Yes it can work there are plenty of adaptors to get it done. Seek a reputable shop as talking is always free and they can help you in the right direction for the right parts that you will need. There are also relays that will allow you to put a new deck in the car to compensate for theft, onstar, steering wheel controls that are on the factory decks and will still work fine without messing anything up.
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Ayem.... From my experience depending if your car is a older model with a older model radio. It wouldn't sound perfectionious with a factory radio. With a newer model car you know how the manufacturer is trying to give you more quality on the radio, you can't mess with the factory radio. The whole system will go down. There are cheap deck on sale around $300, just be careful where you go and not get rip off. Go to like a pro audio shop and they can help you out. Don't go to shops like cirus city or good guys.
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You can get an adapter that converts your speaker outputs to a low output rca. If you can't figure out the remote wire run a wire from the fuse box and put a switch inline and a fuse link. Just turn the amps and crossover off when your not using them.If you keep your stock speakers hooked up you can shut the bumps off when you need to haul mom or grandma around. Unless your like me and think if grannys going to ride in a hopped up truck with 40 inch tires she should get the full experience. GOOD LUCK      

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