How Do You Hook Up A Car System?


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Depends what your hooking up.. To hook up subs with and amp you simply have 2 4 gauge wires. RCA WIRES, RECEIVING WIRE AND SPEAKER WIRE.. With one of the 4 gauge ires, you need to ground it.. Screwing it into something is the best way to ground this. Then you need to find a good place to hide the wires.. You can run them along the doors underneath the carpet.. Then after you run the wires you have to put the 4 gauge wire from the amp to the battery. Thee should be a hole underneath the dashboard, if not you can make one yourself. Then the RCA cables and receiving wire needs to be un to the CD player. Connect the wires to the amp and the speaker wires to the subs and turn it on..
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If you're running 4 gauge wire (or any wire) directly from the battery, you must have a fuse (the amp fuse is not enough) somewhere in the wire before it connects to the amp. Usually a distribution block is used to reduce the size of the wire before you connect it to the amp. Most distribution blocks have fuses in them. Otherwise you risk of having a major electrical short that can start a fire in your car. A rubber grommet should also be used for the hole you drill for the wire.

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