I Have A Mitsubishi Colt 1989 Model. How Do I Change The Oil?


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Irrespective of whatever make or model your car is, the procedure to change the engine oil is basically the same. To top up the oil in your engine, you need a bottle of top-up oil, a funnel and paper towels. The ACEA grades the engine of a diesel car with the capitalised letter grade B and the highest grade of engine top-up oil is denoted by the number 3. Hence, the best top-up oil for your diesel engine would be graded B3.

The oil in the engine of your car can be changed by parking your car on a level surface, stopping the engine, raising and securing the bonnet, finding the dipstick (it is usually in a bright colour) and pulling it out of its tube fully. It is best that the engine is warm but has been switched off for at least five minutes.

The dipstick is wiped onto the towel. It has two marks towards its end which are marked minimum and maximum. It is then pushed slowly back into the tube and pulled out completely, to check for its oil level. If it is near to the minimum or below the minimum level, add oil. The filler cap of the engine is usually on the top of the engine block. It may be clearly marked. If it is not, look for other filler caps or systems near it. Check the handbook for the right filler cap.

The cap is either unscrewed or pulled or pushed in order to remove it, a little oil is added (it takes a minute for it to reach the bottom of the engine), and then the dipstick is rechecked. The procedure of adding oil and rechecking near the maximum mark is repeated if necessary. The filler cap is refit tightly, the spills (if any) are cleaned up and it should be ensured that the dipstick is replaced. The bonnet is closed.

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