Where Is The Neutral Safety Switch Of 2002 Monte Carlo?


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Sometime the car will not turn over? Had it check and was told that the Neutral Safety Switch was bad.
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It is on the drivers side, "left side if you are sitting in the drivers seat", of the transmission where your linkage is connected.
That switch tells the computer what gear you have selected. It also will keep your vehicle from starting in gear.
To expound, we would have to know what kind of problem you are having, or why you want to know where the switch is. It is a multi-function switch and to determine what problem you are trying to solve, we will need to know why you want to know where it is located.
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My reverse lights do'nt come on when i shift into reverse.They do blink when i unlock the door with the key fob
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I think the reverse light switch is incorporated into the neutral safety switch.
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I have a 03 jeep lib after running awhile then letting it sit will not start replace the battery, Alt., and the Starter now going to replace the Crank cam sensor and the ignition switch just need to know if this switch has any thing to do with this problem

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