What Do I Do If The Push Rod Is Bad?


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Hi. I'd like to first mention advising possibly saving you added frustration by saying if you can STOP using the vehicle this way til it get's fixed because POSSIBLY the more you drive the vehicle that way the more the camshaft on the other end of this ONE push could get damaged / worn out and then it causes all further problems and money as you'd have to then change the camshaft by pulling the engine or removing EVERYTHING in front of the engine including radiator and the front bonnet of the BODY OF THE VEHICLE to get the camshaft OUT!!!! When the camshaft lobe get's worn down then the oil fails to shoot up the hollow run thru the push rod which let's the oil spill out on top of the rocker arms... So if you catch the problem early changing this ONE push rod from the top of the engine could be easy so to speak or massively simpler than everything just mentioned... Get's complicated quick ey..???? So all you'd hav to do is remove the valve cover on top of the push rod in question which on newer vehicles with all the emissions equipment these days could actually take 2 to 3 hours work whereas cars form the 1960's for example could take 2 minutes... Once you get the valve cover off then you expose the rocker arms bolted on top of the push rods and then unbolt the rocker arm to the bad push rod. The push rod will slide right up and out safely and then when you replace it you need to get a diagnostic manually to properly torque down and seat the rocker arm again when that numbered piston that bad push rod is responsible for running to get it be all the way at the bottom of it's stroke so there is no pressure on the rocker arm as you tighten it back down... Hope this helps you..

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