Front End Shakes While Driving, I'm Thinking It Maybe The Sway Bar Or Tie Rod. What's Wrong?


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Don't rule out the possibility that it could be your tires. Sometimes tires split from the inside...and that would cause the same effect. It may drive fine until you reach 25-30 mph then it will start shaking violently. Have your tires checked's the cheapest....then go from there.
It's happened to me.....
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The car shakes while driving at low speeds you can apply brakes alittle while going it wiil stop what could this be maybe a balljoint
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Knowing what make, model and year of your vehicle, would be most helpful.
 Regardless of that, if your front end shakes at a specific speed, it will almost always be a tire or a tire/wheel combination problem.
If it shakes, starting at low speed and continues through high speed, it would more likely be a steering or suspension problem.
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Wheels out of balance can also cause this type problem.
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It could be tires off balanced, like Karlton said cracks, motor mounts can also cause a car to shake/vibrate it could be many things and like all situations with cars you'll probably find the problem when looking for something else.

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