How Do I Change Spark Plugs On Lincoln Ls?


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Advance Trac failed in the first 3 months (< 3000 miles) four trips to the dealer were unsuccessful. On the last visit the dealer (Courtesy Lincoln Mercury Moline Illinois) replaced all sensors with manufacturer engineers advising the final repair - only after I requested Illinois lemon law protection.
At 35,000 miles the right rear window regulator failed the first time it was lowered. Neither Lincoln nor the dealer would cover it.
At 50,000 miles the AC intermittently blows hot air. Sometimes out one side, other times out of both sides. After adjusting the temperature setting up to 90 F for a few minutes, I can generally get it to blow cold air for a random interval.
The rear sub woofer speaker buzzes with alternator noise, this starts or goes away after a bump in the road.

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Spark plugs can be a difficult task in modern times, I'm talking tough. My Mercedes Benz sports car had one them in the back I had to pry off the wire boot with a 17mm. Wrench sideways and was saying to myself for like minutes on end saying...   : I don't believe this I don't believe this I don't believe this I don't believe this!...  If you must follow the each wire, you have a V6 so you definitely have ( 6 ) six spark plugs and six spark plug wires that may be short right from either 1 or 2 ignition coils or EACH spark plug has it's own ignition coil that may be mounted ( 3 ) three coils on each side of the engine mounted on top of the cylinder heads. Sometimes it's easy to remove the star screws for all the ignition coils to allow more space for your hands to get on the sides of the engine to access the spark plugs and more importantly the boots which are kind of " sucked " onto the spark plugs. Some cars nowadays provide steel sleeves on the outside of the boot wires directly at the spark plug so you can pry them off with an open end wrench to lessen the chance of destroying the boot and then you can just pop each one off as you slightly " pry " at them with the wrench but the couple ones in the back of the engine may be very tough. Steadfast effort will eventually "pull it off " literally speaking. Once the wire boots are removed you can gain access to to remove the spark plugs with a deep well socket maybe 13/16" inch socket or around that size. May need a couple small extension pieces along with a ratchet to work with the deep well socket. This should do it.

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