How Many Miles Per Gallon Would A 1998 Dodge Durango Get?


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Not much I was actually looking at them recently and decided against it because the mileage and a mechanic told me they have transmission trouble like the Ford Explorer
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Lisa Marie!!! Should ask me that directly!! I'm a car guy!! Anyway, 1998 probably has high mileage on it, which reduces MPG a bit. If V8, will get 12 around town and 15 on highway. If V6, add 2 miles per gallon to both figures. They drink a lot of juice.
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Lisa Marie Halsey Muniz
Thanks. That helps me a lot. I just told him it is a v8. Never knew you were a car guy. Will ask you more things later when needed. Thanks.
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Yeah, cars not in profile. Grew up in muscle car era - didn't collect them , we built and DROVE them. Had A 'Vette, a Camaro, a few other tire toasters - but last one I had (built most of it) was a 74 Nova with 505 block, race cam,high compression pistons, etc., etc.. Dyno wa s650 Horses. Very fast car. When was time to move here to get married, sold it in NJ. Had asking price and all the buyers put slips in a hat - the one I pulled out got to buy the car. Only had one hot rod in Mich. Bought 67 Mustang fastback to use as family car - right after we had first bambino - wife took one look at it as I pulled in driveway, turned around and slammed door. Last muscle car I ever owned.
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I actually own a 98 durango 4x4 with the 5.9L. Jim is close to right. I average 13-14 in the city and I average about 18 on the interstate setting the cruise at 70. They never came with a v6 to my knowledge. Way to heavy for it.
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I also agree with Mike, I also own a 98 Durango 4x4 SLT with the 5.2L and I avg.15-16 city and I avg. 20-23 highway also setting the cruise at 65-70. Just monitored with the computer a few days ago on a small trip that I took.

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